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nounced its plan to develop Xiongan New Area into a demonstration hub for inno▓vative development - and local small-sized compan▓ies, which are often major polluters, are quickeni▓ng up the pace of going green, in order to meet strict environmental stan

dards.O▓n April 1 last year, when Liu Jianhong, president of Xueruisha Feather and Down Product Co, which makes winter-wear like▓ down jackets, heard about the news about Xiongan New Area, he had no idea if t▓he plan had anything to do with his company▓.The company is located in Dazhangzhu▓ang village, Anxin county, Baoding, which is a less developed region in the▓ central

part of Hebei province.He got▓ some initial idea of what the region would▓ be like from news.According to an earlier report by Xinhua News Agency, Xiongan New Area would have a global perspective and▓ conform to international standard, making it a national model fo


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r high-qual▓ity development.Located around 100 ▓kilometers southwest of Beijing, the new area

will initially cover 100 square km and later cover Xiongxian, Rongche▓ng and Anxin counties i


modern economic hu

n Hebei province,▓ eventually taking up 2,000 square km.Liu found his company was located at the very

cent▓er of Xiongan New Area. "It was something like hitting a jackpot," he said. ?/p>

b▓ makes progress

?Something big is going to happ▓en here, bringing new opportunities▓."He thought influx of more new reside▓nts into the region might increase sales of his firm, but later found that an im▓mediate challenge ahead was to adapt to stricter environmental standards. The central gov

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ernm▓ent had put protection for the local ecological system high on its agenda.For the past▓ several decades, the down and feather industry has been pivotal to local economic growth. Local manufacturers of▓ down clothing could easily get raw materials: for example, the soft layer of duc

ome local firmsIt's

k▓ feathers was sourced from the nearby wetlan▓d Baiyangdian, a region that is home ▓to more than 140 lakes.Villagers either s▓tarted business at home, worked for local factories, or set up small firms ▓to produce d

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own products. But sewage generated in the process was dumped directly into the wetland, damaging the ecolog▓ical system.There were 68 small-sized companies and family-owned workshops in the village, but half

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